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010 – How To Start Down The Road Of Authorship – with Azul Terronez

In this episode of the Small Moves Podcast, Jason invites Author Coach Azul Terronez to the show.
Azul helps authors who don’t know how to express their message in book form, allowing them to break down the effort one step at a time. Azul also gave a TEDx talk in Santo Domingo in 2016.  Check it out, it was powerful!
Azul’s rise to authorship and coaching came from several years of small, simple steps in the direction of his interest. Azul had formerly been a writing teacher in the public school system, who developed a reputation for doing things differently to achieve new and better results. This same quality marked him when becoming a principle of a failing middle school – using his unique ability of thinking differently to turn it around in under 2 years.
Azul’s major turning point came when he decided to ‘Leap into the Fire,’ doing whatever it took to get his book written. Azul signed up for an intimate, 20-person business coaching event with Pat Flynn & Chris Ducker without having a business. Instead, he took the opportunity to write his entire book in under 30 days (a massive undertaking by anyone’s standard!), something that allowed him to stand out during the event.
You can find Azul on Twitter, Facebook, and his coaching web site.
Mentioned in this Episode:

[6:40] How Azul was able to write his first book in 30 days
[15:36] Azul’s Thoughts on the Education System, what makes an excellent teacher,
and how to affect change in the education system
[32:18] At what point does Azul step in to help an author?
[43:32] At what point did Azul realize he had a business worth creating?
[50:53] How Azul is able to travel around the world

Thanks for listening to this episode of the Small Moves Podcast! I appreciate you and look forward to your feedback.

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