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023 – Read Your Way to Writing, w/ Gail McAbee

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In this episode of The Small Moves Podcast, Jason interviews Gail McAbee, a published author who (interestingly) lives in a 200-year old log cabin. The two met because of their mutual friend John Kirsch, who connected the two.

You can find all her work at her web site here and on her Amazon Author Page.

Gail McAbee is a published author in South Carolina. In her few nanoseconds of spare time, she enjoys reading, collecting books, gardening and learning about British history, and hybrid genre.

Jason explores Gail’s writing journey and her passion for reading. Gail also shares the journey she went through to be able to become a published author. In addition, Gail shares her insights on how reading and studying can help build a writing career.


[03:11] Gail’s personal and career backstory
[06:42] her journey as a published author, tedious industry standards and rejections she had to go through for her books to be published, difference between traditional publishing and hybrid publishing, her writing niche, her writing process, her love for reading, what is her bookshelf looks like, her favorite books, her love for British history, Jason’s fascination of Mark Twain’s works
[30:56] the first publishing house that trusted her, what self-publishing means, and author’s struggles with copyright ownership
[59:53] essential guide for non-writers to start writing, essence of journaling, and why beta readers are important
[01:06:28] What was a recent purchase of $100 or less that made the most dramatic impact on Gail’s life?


About the author, Jason Herzberger