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030 – The Show About (The) Science (Kid), w/ Nate Butkus

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In this episode of The Small Moves Podcast, Jason invites Nate Butkus:
Podcaster, Science-Enthusiast, Second Grader… Wait….. WHAT?!  YES!

Jason discusses everything science with one of the smartest seven-year-olds you’ll ever meet, Nate Butkus. After being introduced to science as a young child, it is now seemingly the center of Nate’s world.

Nate talks about his favorite parts of science like microbiology, the future of his own science-themed podcast, and shares a heartfelt lesson on what others can do in order to start loving things just as passionately as he does.
[6:21] How Nate’s love for science has grown after his initial introduction to it as a child
[9:40] The phenomenal guests Nate interviews and the future of his podcast
[11:23] The parts of science that Nate finds the most intriguing
[14:48] Nate’s involvement with Destination Imagination, encouraging him to think creatively
[20:46] What Nate recommends for kindling a new passion

PBS article about Nate

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