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034 – Arm Bar Your Way To Business Success, w/ Stuart Ramos

In this episode of Small Moves Podcast, Jason interviews Stuart Ramos: world-class Jiu-jitsu instructor from Team Maryland BJJ.

Stuart and Jason have an electric relationship that keeps the conversation flowing throughout the entire 2-hour special. The range of topics include personal life, authenticity, and even some hot topics such as cryptocurrency and chasing trends in the marketing world. Most importantly, Jason and Stuart discuss just how Jiu-jitsu is helping shape tomorrow’s people by working with them today.



[05:15] The move that pushed Stu’s life into a new motion

[20:37] The growing spread of Brazilian Jiu jitsu and how Stuart got into it early because of his Hawaiian roots

[33:32] Life lessons learned in Jiu jitsu

[1:04:27] How marketing changes daily when everyone’s a customer

[1:38:21] The ways Jiu jitsu is helping people cope with a changing political climate

About the author, Jason Herzberger