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038 – A.A.Y.P. #2 w/ fiction author, Aidan McGeath

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“No matter who you are, you’re always going to feel like you’re pressed for time… but in reality, you are not. You just need to make better choices.”

-Aidan McGeath


In the second episode in the “A.A.Y.P.” (Annoyingly Amazing Young People) series, Jason chats with Aidan McGeath, published fiction author. Aidan began writing his first book while in high school at 17, and published it at 20.  book, Heartless, can be found on Amazon.

Aidan has been a passionate writer for his whole life and had the idea for his book long ago. He discusses where the idea for the story and its main characters came from, and the writing process he uses to generate hundreds of thousands of written and published words while attending school full-time.

Aidan is also a student of Azul Terronez, the author coach featured in episode 10 of the show. We discuss how the the structure that Azul provided helped him really get over the hump.



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