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044 – Perfect Parenting (and other myths), w/ Julia Pappas

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“The more delicate conversations require more delicate spaces and more time.”
-Julia Pappas

In today’s show, Jason chats with Julia Pappas, a psychologist with a national certification as a school psychologist. Julia holds a Masters’ Degree and a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies, and is a self-professed neuroscience geek with particular expertise in learning and cognition. She has over 15 years of experience working with parents, children, educators, and administrators.

Jason and Julia talk about the current and previous generations normal standards of parenting, and how they have not served children well. Common practicing are helpful for some but not nearly all children. They discuss strategies to help learn how our children’s’ natural creativity and learning habits works so we can adapt our approach to make things markedly easier for us as parents.

Julia is the host of the Minimum Viable Parenting Podcast, a topic and show VERY near and dear to Jason’s heart. Definitely give it a listen!

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