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045 – Make Room By Making ROOM!

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First off… Sorry for the small rant today! In this episode, I talk about lots of “top-of-mind” stuff, focused on the hobbies I and many people have played with in the past, and what the inevitable result has been of these failed hobbies.  We also chat about a better way to filter the hobbies we have now and the ones that we’re interested in trying in the future. No judgement of which are better or worse, just a different way of choosing things that will cut down on the sunk cost of trying different stuff out.

Personal aside, for those that have been following along in my families saga of decluttering/downsizing/etc… WE BOUGHT OUR RV!!!  I’ll be moved in by mid-April! I’m terrified/exhilarated! I’d appreciate a little reassurance, if you got a minute.  Go to the community page and leave me a bit of moral support!

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