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052 – Taking Radical Responsibility For Your Actions, w/ Lisa Carpenter

In today’s show, Jason chats with Lisa Carpenter, a health and wellness coach with a focus on her clients’ behavior patterns and how to interrupt the patterns that are causing the problems they are having, and helping them make peace with food in their bodies. She’s also the author of Let’s E.A.T!: Break the Addictive Cycle of Dieting, Lose Weight and Make Peace with Food and Your Body…For Life.

Lisa is a certified personal trainer that’s transformed from a dorito chip eating, cigarette smoking woman to having the body of her dreams and now works with others to achieve the same goal of a massive change in body composition.

This was a fun conversation! Lisa is hilarious and a master at blunt-force-trauma conversations, a favorite style of the humble host of this show!

You can find Lisa on her website, and also in her Facebook page.




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