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054 – Question Your Own Beliefs, w/ Jon Kirsch

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In this episode of the show, Jason chats with a good friend, Jon Kirsch. Jon is a librarian in South Carolina with both strong and reasoned political leanings; two traits sadly rarely found in combination in modern times on the political landscape. Jason met Jon about seven years ago as a friend of a friend of his new girlfriend (now wife, Carrie) at a New Years Eve party which manifested in a political discussion that spanned nearly six hours in the middle of a party (those party animals!)

Jon recently moved from the public library system to a private college library system, exposing him to an inside perspective of the recent political activist climate in our universities today. Jon and Jason discuss several of the cultural movements happening today, and some of the hypocrisy associated with them… So, you know, no controversy in this one at all!

As a side note for those of you that have listened to the show for a while, Jon is the person that connecting with with both Gail McAbee and Nate Butkus, former guests of the show on episodes 23 and 30, respectively. Check out those shows as well! Gail is hilarious, and Nate is annoyingly impressive for a 7 YEAR OLD!

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