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058 – How to be Chronically Positive, w/ Jen Hardy

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“The longer you live, the sooner you’re going to die. It only gets scarier the longer you wait to discuss it.”

In this emotional episode, I chat with Jen Hardy, author of the book, The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again. Jen is chronically ill and is a self-described “collector of eclectic diseases and mystifier of physicians.”  She’s a mother of 7 children ranging in age from 6-28, and the wife of a retired Army soldier. Jen has had a meandering trip through the American healthcare industry that will boggle the mind and show the systemic problem that this system has inherent in its bias towards fixing problems rather than maintaining health and promoting well-being for patients.

This episode was dark at times, and a very rewarding conversation.  I hope you enjoy it, and do please give Jen’s blog, The Chronically Positive Mom, a read as well. I appreciate you for listening.  Thank you!


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