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062 – Patience Pays in So Many Ways, w/ Austin Peek

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“Make money to earn freedom so that you can enjoy your life.”
-Austin Peek

In today’s show, I chat with Austin Peek, a commercial real estate lender and host of the Millionaire Interviews. Austin is 32 and the owner of Riverstone RECAP, a commercial real estate lending company. Though still involved in that business, his biggest focus for the last year has been to create and launch his podcast, called Millionaire Interviews. He has a Master in Commercial Real Estate, and lives in Jacksonville, FL.

Austin and I met through a group called Podcasters Paradise, a group created by John Lee Dumas of a the Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast, one of the longest running and most popular business interview podcasts on the planet.

Austin has had a shocking level of success in getting his ideal guests lined up for his show prior to launch with a level of success that was unbelievable.  His systems that he uses for creating and producing his show can be applied to any business, and I found it incredibly helpful in the production of my show ever since we talked.  As the conversation progressed, it came out that Austin is is a serious spend-thrift, and has some amazing advice for cutting the costs in your life. Also how the value of patience when making purchases translates to savings in the extreme.

This was a highly tactical conversation that involves a lot of suggested web sites, services, and reading so have a pen and paper (if you’re in to that kind of thing!) and get ready to take notes!

Austin’s list of top sites to save money: for finding inexpensive, used electronics of all types

Amazon Warehouse, for you know, everything else on the planet (just cheaper)

Scott’s Cheap Flights, for finding the least expensive flights to nearly anywhere in the world.

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