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080 – Spelunking Our Way Through Hurricane Recovery, w/ Cristobal Colon



Today’s show is with Cristobal Colon, a 28 year veteran of Puerto Rico’s only public utility company. Please note his web site is entirely in Spanish with the exception of the link above, which leads to his CV. Brace yourself before you click it as you will feel like a much less worthy human after reading with his man does!

As you may have seen from Cristobal’s CV, he is certified at the highest level for nearly every form of rescue scenario possible. Aside from working in the public utility world, he is also a business consultant that FILL IN WITH MESSAGE FROM CRISTOBAL LATER.

With the certifications in rescue that he has, this man is a hero and we have a  great chat about business to adventure sports to the Puerto Rican recovery in the wake of Maria. I am releasing this show now because last weeks chat with my Merchant Marine buddy, Michael Gordon-Tennant, painted a different perspective on the Jones Act, which definitely comes up in today’s show. Enjoy and please check out Cristobals podcast (like his web site, 100% in Spanish).

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