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10 Easy Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Life

Do you need to exercise – but don’t have enough time for it?

I’m sure you don’t. No one does. Everyone’s in the best shape of their lives and has no need to make any physiological improvement.  So, since none of this ACTUALLY applies to you, feel free to read purely as a hypothetical.  Deal?

Today, we are listing the 10 ways to blend fitness into your daily life and squeeze the best calorie-burning exercises in your busy schedule, whether you’re traveling, in an office, or work out of the house. Not only it will help you become fit, it will let you stay motivated and full of ideas.

Please keep in mind… I’m not a doctor, I don’t play one on the internet. Talk to your doctor before doing anything that seems nutty-bananas to you!

1. Walking Meetings

Imagine this – what if that same and boring meeting with your acquaintances  was taken out of the conference room – for a little walk? Walking is a great exercise, helps you tighten up and boosts your productivity. Not to mention that you’d love to sit down in your office afterwards. I did this when I worked for a large non-profit a while ago, and it’s continued to this day. Given control of the setting for a meeting, I ALWAYS opt for doing in while moving. If I can be cliche for a second… fresh air breathes fresh ideas into a conversation. In reality, nothing is worse for your blood flow and for creativity that sitting on your butt for an hour! Walking engages muscles, raises pulse rate, accelerates respiration, all to the benefit of your body and brain! For suggestions on how to do this right, click here for a great, short, article from Harvard Business Review.

2. Running Around Playing With Your Kids

This is the suggestion that I’d been waiting for forever!  At least something like it.  Your kids deserve some action – so why not visit the park and play hide and seek with them? You will have fun, burn some calories and spend the weekend under the sun. Yes, a great exercise indeed.  I’ll tell you that my 2 year old, Zoe, runs me RAGGED when we play “chase me!” as she likes to put it.  Watching her running forever while laughing hysterically is something I just can’t understand.  My cardio health is decent, and I can’t run for 30 seconds while laughing… I’ll pass out!  Nothing more fun that watching her run and laugh.  I’d say do this with your young kids. If you don’t have young kids, I’d say borrow some from a neighbor, but that might trigger a knock on the door from a good friends in blue.

3. Walking To The Store

Ditch your car keys this Sunday, it’s walking time. A trip to the local supermarket can be your excuse to exercise – and the 10 minutes of fitness your body needs. If you want to ramp up your exercise, consider putting on something lighter and jogging to your shopping spot. This is obviously a killer strategy if you live in convenient walking distance to the stores that you frequent.  So suburbs and city folk, this is perfect.  If you’re reading this and you live in a more rural area… well, throw on the hiking boots and MAN UP! I say this with love.

4. Around Your House

Invest in a treadmill or an exercise bike and start watching the news or your favorite TV shows while pumping your legs and exercising your entire body. A 30-minute workout 4 times per week will definitely cut the extra pounds you are tired of. Before buying something like this new….. CHECK CRAIGSLIST!!!!!! You’ll save 50-90% on the price of something like this.

5. Jump Rope at Home

A $10 rope is all you need for a 5-to-10 . For a 150-pound woman, this workout can burn 90-100 calories per session. Jumping jacks can similarly help in strengthening your core, muscles and joints if you don’t have a jump rope yet. The rope I linked to here is the one I bought and use. Its $10, and is fully length adjustable so you don’t have to settle for a cheap plastic rope that’s not right for your height. Hint hint, if you’ve tried jumping rope before and it’s not been a fun experience, you probably didn’t have a rope that’s the right length for your body. Click here to see the best way to measure yourself for a jump rope, and remember that the one I linked to is adjustable. Just measure, adjust, snip the end off, and you’ve got a perfectly fit jump rope to you body for $10, and free shipping (for you fellow Amazon Primers!).

6. Game On With Your Friends

If you see your buddies only over a round of NBA on your Xbox/PS4, it’s time to level up and consider actual exercises as your new way of hanging out. Just in case no one’s told you, you’re getting older. I know I know, I’m a downer. But I read somewhere that, like, scientists and stuff have said that you totally like getting older every day. WOOOOOW! That’s deep! Speaking of, tennis and cycling are one of the many great outdoor exercises you can try. Other easy ideas, instead of watching football, PLAY FOOTBALL!!!!

7. Climb The Stairs

Think you don’t have time to exercise during work? You are wrong. This has been one of the “oldie but a goodie” ideas that has been around forever, yet few people do it.

Instead of taking the elevator on your work breaks, climb the stairs. Practicing this every day of the week will make you leaner – plus, it is a great exercise for your heart and legs. I know it’s an obvious one… but it’s an obvious one, yet when I come and go from office buildings every day, I still se people getting off the elevator on the second and third floor. IT’S NOT GOING TO KILL YOU TO WALK! Actually the opposite, so just get after it, will ya?!?!e

8. Travel And Exercise

You can exercise while traveling! Just make sure your hotel room has a DVD player or TV and play some of those fitness videos when you arrive there! Other options are fitness apps on your phone like SWORKIT, my personal choice that I wrote a review for a few days ago.  After that, just take a shower and you’ll see the freshest version of yourself.

9. Help Your Friends Out

You know how, when you are moving to a new spot or building a deck or buying new furniture, all 10,000 of your LOCAL Facebook friends seem to vanish into thin air when you put out a call for moving help? Or maybe you yourself if guilty of “having to help mom this weekend” or “I’ll be out of town that weekend.” (Even though you haven’t REALLY been out of town is 6 years!) I know, another situation I’m sure never happened to you, so keep in mind again this is totally hypothetical… Moving large objects, installing new furniture, digging holes and removing old items…All of these can be the next things you should consider as great exercises for your body. So, whenever a friend renovates their house – just offer a helping hand. Be the guy or girl that that you wish all your friends were by simply looking at it as exercise! “I worked out this morning. I dug 15 postholes for my buddy who’s putting up a fence.” Who the hell needs to run for a half hour in the morning if this is on the agenda for that day. Not to mention you build up your favor bank. 😉

10. Stretch!

Always make sure to stretch your body. That way, you are eliminating the pressure in your joints and flexing your muscles. Whether it’s the elevator, your car, your desk or bed – stretching is good for your body. Sitting for extended periods does all kinds of nastiness to the human body. Get up and stretch for a couple minutes a few times a day and it will work wonders!

I challenge you to pick three things from this list and try them out for a little while.  See how you feel! Leave a comment below about which you’d like to try and come back in a month and tell me how you feel.  I’d really love to hear your feedback. I appreciate you all! Thanks for reading.

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