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Small Moves exists to help cut through the clutter (both real and imagined!) and make anything in life easier or better. It’s about finding a way to distill the MASSIVE amount of information thrown our way every day, from every direction, day in and day out.

To find something, ANYTHING, that will make life just a little better in whatever area you care about RIGHT NOW!

Whether that’s your health, your business or job, your family, your personal finances, or heck, even just the stuff you do in the loads of free time you know we all have today!

I’m just like you, trying to find ways to get better each and every day, if only I had the time!  I hope to take you all along on my own process of learning, and maybe, we can learn something from each other along the way.

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My name is Jason, and I live in Baltimore, MD.  That little east coast town with all that social justice awesomeness that you keep seeing on the news.  I live here with my amazing wife and daughter, where I follow the slow-carb diet, workout and meditate daily, read a bunch, work, and plan future long-term travel (Thailand, here we come!).  Read my story.


P.S.: The Small Moves Podcast is launching this fall to a podcast app near you, so stay tuned!



-Books I’ve read, loved, and why.

-The podcasts I follow that help me find awesome stuff to try.

-What I’m doing now.

-Resource list for whatever you care about.

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