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This is me, in a professional photo… Yeah, its ok.

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Yeah, now THAT’S better!


I’m Jason, an entrepreneur with my hand in a few different things. I have a small package delivery business, a media production company, some real estate here and there, as well as Small Moves itself, in all its facets.

I have a hardwired desire to be better, an instinct for good and big ideas, a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others, embarrassing inability to execute on any of this until recently, and obsessive (in a good way!) tendencies.

Small Moves is here, in a way, to give me a reason to keep getting better at things.  I follow the writings of some of the true geniuses of our era as well as those of the past. Have been doing that for years, and it’s had a tremendously positive effect on my life!  Having been exposed to the “Teach Everything you Know” movement written about by Nathan Barry, I’ve started Small Moves as a way to do that.  I’m no expert in anything I write or talk about.  Just a student and practitioner, and hopefully a teacher!

I can absolutely guarantee that there are others out there that know more on every subject that’s discussed here, and I will go out of my way to site them by name so you can learn more yourself. But what I hope you get from following along with the Small Moves journey is that I care a lot about ALL of the topics discussed and hope that you can take tidbits from all the sources of information I come across and can apply in some small way, each and every day.

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Life so far…

  • Breathing since 1980
  • Nearly died 1984
  • Self-employed since 2009
  • Finally licensed as smart in 2010
  • Met the perfect girl in 2011
  • Proposed to her in 2012
  • Married her in 2013
  • Expecting a baby in 2015
  • Became a dad in 2015
Lover of…

  • Simple solutions
  • Short answers (getting, not giving… story of my life!)
  • Passive income
  • Lindy Hop
  • Great writers of all stripes and eras
Thinking about...

  • Ways to make running a business easier
  • Realistic minimalism
  • How to move to Thailand, or Costa Rica
Hater of…

  • Meaningless buzzwords
  • The word “Guru”
  • Anyone that says that their product or service is THE answer
  • Politics TODAY


Projects I’m working on right now…

  1. Becoming a better writer
  2. Launching the Small Moves Podcast
  3. Planning a VLOG with my wife, Carrie
  4. Working on a reality TV show pilot with my media business partner, Don.  More info here.