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032 – Find Ways to Share Your Kids Lives, w/ Dr. Steven Cunningham

In this episode of Small Moves Podcast, Jason Herzberger interviews Dr. Steven Cunningham, dedicated surgeon, father, and child-inspired science writer.

Dr. Steven covers a number of topics in this episode like how gymnastics helped him find his footing in college, the bonds he has created with his children that have inspired his writing, and the little things we can do daily to keep us refreshed and ready for anything.

You can find Dr. Steve’s two books here:

Dinosaur Name Poems

Poemenclature: Poems About Your Body



[3:16] The unorthodox path that led Dr. Steven Cunningham to his career

[13:15] How Dr. Steven keeps his interests tied into his kids’ interests

[21:01] The inspiration behind Dr. Steven’s books

[45:08] How the medical field is utilizing technology to create better quality within shorter times

[1:00:43] The little things we can do to enhance our lives

About the author, Jason Herzberger