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042 – How to Make A Family Business Work Right, w/ Elizabeth Faircloth

“People can bring time, money, or resources to the table. And you have to think about what can I bring.” – Elizabeth Faircloth

In this episode of the show, Jason invites Elizabeth Randazzese Faircloth of the Derosa Group, along with her husband, Matt. They are commercial and residential real estate investors and run the business as a married couple… not an easy thing for many families to do without hangups!

Liz explains the benefits and pitfalls of having a husband/wife team and how to set the proper boundaries in order to keep things running smoothly at home and at the office. She also dives into the ways that new investors or soon-to-be investors can get started as a valuable member of another, larger, team.

Liz and her team can be found here. She has also just recently released her own podcast called The Real Estate InvestHER Podcast, with her co-host, Andresa Guidelli. They are just starting out, so give them some love! They really know their stuff! The goal of their show is to create a community to inspire and support women who invest in Real Estate to live a financially free and balanced life.

Thanks for listening to this episode of the show! I appreciate you.

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