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066 – Sex. Relationships. Mental Health. GOOD TIMES! w/ Rachel and Kyle Wright

“If we can get more comfortable talking about the things we all experience, then we can all experience them together.”
-Rachel Wright

A former know-it-all marries a former asshole and they become a successful relationship and sex therapy team!

Kind of hard not to just drop the mic there… but you should probably know more.

In today’s show, I chat with Rachel and Kyle Wright from Wright Wellness Center. I was introduced to them by a former guest of the show, Lisa Carpenter, who was on episode 52 of the show. They met each other in their early twenties while in previous careers. Now, they jointly run a practice where they bridge the gap between a self-help book and a therapist’s couch.

We discuss the modern day in relationships and how today’s political discourse has negatively effected a full generations ability to relate and build trusting and loving relationships. This episode had all parties not holding back with their language, so tiny humans should probably skip this one. This was a great chat with an annoyingly awesome couple! 🙂

You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Their Instagram is particularly awesome!

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