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072 – Don’t Wait to Experience the World, w/ Maria Nicolosi

In this episode, Jason catches up with an old friend, Maria Nicolosi, a graphic designer and front-end developer. A friend who he met swing dancing back in 2007 who has since moved to Austin, TX… by way of a 4 month “walk about” style travel period that Jason is mesmerized by! Maria talks about her background of growing up in a little town in northern Louisiana, going to college, then spending three years in the AmeriCorps. All these experiences prepared her to be ready, willing, and able to drop everything and travel for an extended period of time. She had an experience of a lifetime and walks us through the trip and how best to follow a similar path.

Answer to the $100 Question: Budgeting app called YNAB

You can find Maria on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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