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074 – How History Helps You Ask Better Questions, w/ Dr. John Hosler

“History doesn’t provide answers. It helps you ask better questions.”
-John D. Hosler, Ph.D

Today’s show is with John D. Hosler, Ph.D. Professor of European History and expert in medieval warfare at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth. His most recent book, The Siege of Acre, flew off the shelves in Europe after it’s release this past spring. We talk about this book, his first published work easily accessible for mass market of non-historians like myself, and many of you, I’m sure. We talk about the siege itself, the process of writing for an academic audience versus a public audience, and who is ultimately responsible for conveying information of historical importance to the masses.  Is it historians job to translate or is it the audiences job to educate themselves? Maybe we find out today!

Thanks for listening to the show! I appreciate you very much!

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