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069 – Thoughts on Fatherhood

“Thank GOD there’s nothing that prepares you for being a father! You’d miss all the best parts.”   Today I talk about my experiences of being a father, and what little I actually know.  And why that’s nothing but a good thing.  Thanks for listening.

067 – Finding the RIGHT Motivation to Stay Healthy

“What’s my motivation for losing weight and staying healthy?  Well, apparently, I don’t know.” In today’s episode, I discuss how finding the right motivation for staying healthy has and is a constant struggle for me. Also, how we can start thinking more about finding the right motivations that might actually stick, long term. Thanks for…

065 – Hobbies for the Brain

Of all the talk about getting new hobbies, let’s talk about why we all should. We are always being told or telling others that we/they should try out new hobbies. In today’s show I want to talk about why I think it’s so important to do and what the ones that I think are great…