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Let’s Never Forget The Small Win or Wins!

My apologies for the aria… though I guess that is what a blog is, right?! I initially posted a version of this post in a private Facebook group dedicated to new podcasters, but I thought about it and this information is applicable to any area of life. We get distracted by the negative chatter around…

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10 Easy Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Life

Do you need to exercise – but don’t have enough time for it? I’m sure you don’t. No one does. Everyone’s in the best shape of their lives and has no need to make any physiological improvement.  So, since none of this ACTUALLY applies to you, feel free to read purely as a hypothetical.  Deal?…

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Learning new things vs. taking ACTION

Are you in motion – or are you willing to take action? I know,  these phrases might sound the same to you, they are quite different and chances are you still don’t know which one applies to you in any given area. Or better yet, what type of person you should be.  Is it ok…

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Small Moves Start Here

As a new podcaster and blogger, I have to say that this is the first time I’ve written anything like this for public consumption. So, putting aside the fact that I’m thoroughly terrified to hit enter at the end of this post…..  Let the show begin! I start every day by likening myself as a…

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