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039 – You Don’t Need to Hit it Big to Live Tiny!

In this episode of the Small Moves Podcast, Jason talks about an area of personal financial management that his family has dug into a lot… living “tiny” without the need to first get rich. Finding ways to cut costs in your budget is one of the age old struggles of most people. We skip dinners,…

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034 – Arm Bar Your Way To Business Success, w/ Stuart Ramos

In this episode of Small Moves Podcast, Jason interviews Stuart Ramos: world-class Jiu-jitsu instructor from Team Maryland BJJ. Stuart and Jason have an electric relationship that keeps the conversation flowing throughout the entire 2-hour special. The range of topics include personal life, authenticity, and even some hot topics such as cryptocurrency and chasing trends in…

029 – Just In Time Financial Learning, w/ Jason Herzberger

In this episode of the Small Moves Podcast, Jason discusses the strategy his family has used to cut down on the information overload coming from all the “experts” in personal finance. A strategy called Just In Time Learning, and how it cuts back and lets you focus on things that matter. Thanks for listening!

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026 – State of the Union and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!, with Jason and Carrie

In this episode, Jason has a year-end recap conversation with his wife, Carrie. Carrie was the very first “guest” on the Small Moves Podcast on September 5th. They talk about the things that you can expect from the Small Moves Podcast in the coming year. This is not the normal interview based show that you…

021 – Two Podcasters… Doing Our Thing! w/Shmuel Septimus

In this episode of The Small Moves Podcast, Jason and Shmuel Septimus did a simultaneous episode interviewing each other. The two met inside Pat Flynn’s podcasting group. Shmuel Septimus is working as a nursing home administrator in Massachusetts. He is the host of Love your 9 to 5, a podcast that helps corporate people to…

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