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078 – Understanding the Jones Act (A Real Merchant Mariners Take), w/ Michael Gordon-Tennant

“To the spread of our trade in peace and the defense of our flag in war a great and prosperous merchant marine is indispensable. We should have ships of our own and seamen of our own to convey our goods to neutral markets, and in case of need, to reinforce our battle line.” -President Theodore…

066 – Sex. Relationships. Mental Health. GOOD TIMES! w/ Rachel and Kyle Wright

“If we can get more comfortable talking about the things we all experience, then we can all experience them together.” -Rachel Wright A former know-it-all marries a former asshole and they become a successful relationship and sex therapy team! Kind of hard not to just drop the mic there… but you should probably know more.…

063 – Finding Family Time

It today’s show, I talk about some of the things my family has tried in order to find more time together as a family. We are all busy, and sometimes finding quality time with your family is hard. This can apply to you with your children, your significant other, or your parents for that matter!

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058 – How to be Chronically Positive, w/ Jen Hardy

“The longer you live, the sooner you’re going to die. It only gets scarier the longer you wait to discuss it.” In this emotional episode, I chat with Jen Hardy, author of the book, The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again. Jen is chronically ill and is a self-described “collector of eclectic diseases and…

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054 – Question Your Own Beliefs, w/ Jon Kirsch

In this episode of the show, Jason chats with a good friend, Jon Kirsch. Jon is a librarian in South Carolina with both strong and reasoned political leanings; two traits sadly rarely found in combination in modern times on the political landscape. Jason met Jon about seven years ago as a friend of a friend…

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