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037 – Living with A.D.D. and how……What was that?

In today’s episode, Jason discusses A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. Their common misconceptions, his own diagnosis of this delightful “disorder,” and how to best work with/live with/interact with his fellow A.D.D.-types. He also discusses the best practice he’s found to help stave off the effects of A.D.D.

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034 – Arm Bar Your Way To Business Success, w/ Stuart Ramos

In this episode of Small Moves Podcast, Jason interviews Stuart Ramos: world-class Jiu-jitsu instructor from Team Maryland BJJ. Stuart and Jason have an electric relationship that keeps the conversation flowing throughout the entire 2-hour special. The range of topics include personal life, authenticity, and even some hot topics such as cryptocurrency and chasing trends in…

027 – And Let The Mini-Pisodes Begin! w/…..Me?

“I shall, in due time, be a Poet.” –  Ada Lovelace (my second daughter’s namesake) In this episode of the Small Moves Podcast, I explore a new format for the show where now we will releasing the longer form interviews that you are used to every Tuesday. Starting today, on Fridays, I will be releasing…

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024 – Launching a Film Isn’t Just Over The Rainbow! w/ Kristie Reeves

In this episode of the Small Moves Podcast, Jason interviews Kristie Reeves. She is an actress, producer, and documentarian from Los Angeles. She was born in a small town outside of Frankfurt, Germany. She moved to Vancouver, where she took up musical theatre, then on to L.A.! Kristie and Jason dive into the details of…

018 – Accidental Career Management and Living Home-Free, w/ Jo Hoffberg

In this episode of The Small Moves Podcast, Jason gets the chance to chat with Jo Hoffberg; A Professional Lindy Hop instructor who teachers around the world. Jason and Jo discuss how she was able to create a business doing what she loved, and being able to take it anywhere around the world (being ‘home…