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053 – Let’s Talk About Death, Baby!

In this short solo show, Jason talks about death. Specifically TALKING about death with the people in your life. Both them and you.  Hate to break it to you, but you’re going to die. Statistically, maybe this afternoon. Are you squared away?  Mentally, financially, logistically… What would happen to your spouse, your parents, your kids,…

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052 – Taking Radical Responsibility For Your Actions, w/ Lisa Carpenter

In today’s show, Jason chats with Lisa Carpenter, a health and wellness coach with a focus on her clients’ behavior patterns and how to interrupt the patterns that are causing the problems they are having, and helping them make peace with food in their bodies. She’s also the author of Let’s E.A.T!: Break the Addictive Cycle…

048 – The March To Plant 1,000,000,000,000 Trees, w/ Felix Finkbeiner

“That has now become our target… To convince the world to plant one trillion trees. Doing so would consume 25% of the global carbon emissions.” -Felix Finkbeiner In today’s show, the most recent edition of the A.A.Y.P. (Annoyingly Amazing Young People) Series, Jason chats with Felix Finkbeiner, Founder of Plant For The Planet, a youth-led…

047 – Fitting in Fitness

First of all, I’m very sorry that I did not release this episode on Friday, as promised. The Herzberger Family took delivery of our full-time “RV house” (as the 3 year old calls it!) and have been running around mad trying to get everything done. This delay caused me to rethink what I was going…

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