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067 – Finding the RIGHT Motivation to Stay Healthy

“What’s my motivation for losing weight and staying healthy?  Well, apparently, I don’t know.” In today’s episode, I discuss how finding the right motivation for staying healthy has and is a constant struggle for me. Also, how we can start thinking more about finding the right motivations that might actually stick, long term. Thanks for…

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062 – Patience Pays in So Many Ways, w/ Austin Peek

“Make money to earn freedom so that you can enjoy your life.” -Austin Peek In today’s show, I chat with Austin Peek, a commercial real estate lender and host of the Millionaire Interviews. Austin is 32 and the owner of Riverstone RECAP, a commercial real estate lending company. Though still involved in that business, his…

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060 – State of the Union, 3rd Edition, with Carrie & Jason

“Get a dumpster.  Sometimes, it’s just the best option.” -Carrie Paxton This episode is the 3rd edition of the State of the Union, what Jason calls his interview chats with his wife, Carrie. Today they discuss all the progress they’ve made in the last few months while moving into their new RV, but also all…

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058 – How to be Chronically Positive, w/ Jen Hardy

“The longer you live, the sooner you’re going to die. It only gets scarier the longer you wait to discuss it.” In this emotional episode, I chat with Jen Hardy, author of the book, The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again. Jen is chronically ill and is a self-described “collector of eclectic diseases and…

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