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047 – Fitting in Fitness

First of all, I’m very sorry that I did not release this episode on Friday, as promised. The Herzberger Family took delivery of our full-time “RV house” (as the 3 year old calls it!) and have been running around mad trying to get everything done. This delay caused me to rethink what I was going…

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046 – Fit in 15, w/ Courtney Amburg

Today’s show features Jason chatting with Courtney Amburg, a fitness and nutrition coach from New Jersey. She coaches clients in the comfort of their home as well as around the world through her online coaching programs and systems. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with NSCA, a Level 1 Training For Warriors Coach, a…

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009 – Motivation is something you choose! w/ THE Civilized Caveman, George Bryant

In this episode of The Small Moves Podcast, I interview George Bryant: Best-Selling Author, Marketing Adviser, and Founder of Civilized Caveman Cooking. Instead of discussing George’s numerous projects, I take a deep dive into George’s perspective and mindset – fleshing out the framework that has allowed for his success through thick and thin. George describes…

008 – How a $1 gift from Mom becomes a 46 year tennis career, with Dan Gaskell

Thank you, everybody for tuning in to the Small Moves Podcast! This week, I had a great conversation with Dan Gaskell, a tennis coach from Tyler, Texas,  who was prompted into the game by a $1.00 flea market tennis racket that his mom bought him 46 years ago. We talk about how tennis is a…

007 – 30 Day Challenge: A Case Study, with Arvind Budhram

Everyone has their own challenges! It’s just that some people choose which challenge they want, while others take what’s thrown at them! Today I interviewed one of my and my wife’s closest friends, Arvind Budhram. I can’t think of anyone else in my life who has undergone such a dramatic change in their life in…

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