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078 – Understanding the Jones Act (A Real Merchant Mariners Take), w/ Michael Gordon-Tennant

“To the spread of our trade in peace and the defense of our flag in war a great and prosperous merchant marine is indispensable. We should have ships of our own and seamen of our own to convey our goods to neutral markets, and in case of need, to reinforce our battle line.” -President Theodore…

076 – Midwifery… A Funny Name For Amazing Work, w/ Jamie Hatcher

“It’s not practicing medicine ethically if you don’t explain to a patient what’s happening to her.” -Jamie Hatcher In today’s show, I chat with Jamie Hatcher, Certified Nurse Midwife, and the person that helped deliver our youngest daughter, Ada. Midwifery, as it’s referred to, had a MASSIVELY bad wrap here in the good ol’ US…

074 – How History Helps You Ask Better Questions, w/ Dr. John Hosler

“History doesn’t provide answers. It helps you ask better questions.” -John D. Hosler, Ph.D Today’s show is with John D. Hosler, Ph.D. Professor of European History and expert in medieval warfare at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth. His most recent book, The Siege of Acre, flew off the shelves…

072 – Don’t Wait to Experience the World, w/ Maria Nicolosi

In this episode, Jason catches up with an old friend, Maria Nicolosi, a graphic designer and front-end developer. A friend who he met swing dancing back in 2007 who has since moved to Austin, TX… by way of a 4 month “walk about” style travel period that Jason is mesmerized by! Maria talks about her…

063 – Finding Family Time

It today’s show, I talk about some of the things my family has tried in order to find more time together as a family. We are all busy, and sometimes finding quality time with your family is hard. This can apply to you with your children, your significant other, or your parents for that matter!

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