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042 – How to Make A Family Business Work Right, w/ Elizabeth Faircloth

“People can bring time, money, or resources to the table. And you have to think about what can I bring.” – Elizabeth Faircloth In this episode of the show, Jason invites Elizabeth Randazzese Faircloth of the Derosa Group, along with her husband, Matt. They are commercial and residential real estate investors and run the business…

012 – How to be a better Thanks-taker, w/ Bob Kimball

From Pest Control, to Non-Profit Work, to Radio, to Real Estate Agent, to Sales Coach… Bob has done it all. Jason gets to chat with Bob Kimball – a unique player in Maryland Real Estate. Enjoy this hilarious and insightful conversation from a seasoned RE veteran who can’t have enough fun doing it. —————— [11:30] Why did Bob get into Real Estate?…

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