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037 – Living with A.D.D. and how……What was that?

In today’s episode, Jason discusses A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. Their common misconceptions, his own diagnosis of this delightful “disorder,” and how to best work with/live with/interact with his fellow A.D.D.-types. He also discusses the best practice he’s found to help stave off the effects of A.D.D.

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026 – State of the Union and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!, with Jason and Carrie

In this episode, Jason has a year-end recap conversation with his wife, Carrie. Carrie was the very first “guest” on the Small Moves Podcast on September 5th. They talk about the things that you can expect from the Small Moves Podcast in the coming year. This is not the normal interview based show that you…

025 – From Super Mom to CEO, Learn How to Manage It All, w/ Sue Woodard

In this episode of The Small Moves Podcast, Jason interviews Sue Woodard, whom he met way back 2003 in an event called Sales Mastery when he was in the mortgage industry. Sue was one of the event’s presenter, for she is a mortgage industry veteran. Sue Woodard has been in the mortgage industry more than…