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053 – Let’s Talk About Death, Baby!

In this short solo show, Jason talks about death. Specifically TALKING about death with the people in your life. Both them and you.  Hate to break it to you, but you’re going to die. Statistically, maybe this afternoon. Are you squared away?  Mentally, financially, logistically… What would happen to your spouse, your parents, your kids,…

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049 – Anti-Consumerism (and other dirty words!)

“The new slavery is consumerism.” -Bryant H. McGill In this episode of the show, Jason discusses his path toward anti-consumerism, and the hard choices that need to be made along the way to make this lifestyle stick. It’s not easy and he goes into detail about how you need to change some of your thinking…

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044 – Perfect Parenting (and other myths), w/ Julia Pappas

“The more delicate conversations require more delicate spaces and more time.” -Julia Pappas In today’s show, Jason chats with Julia Pappas, a psychologist with a national certification as a school psychologist. Julia holds a Masters’ Degree and a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies, and is a self-professed neuroscience geek with particular expertise in learning and…

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043 – Communication Matters!

“Real, true, open, honest communication is what makes for the best of relationships” In today’s episode, Jason talks about how and why nearly boundless open communication is critical to making good relationships (business and personal) work.  No expert by any stretch, but he and his wife make a point to have literally no bounds for…

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