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062 – Patience Pays in So Many Ways, w/ Austin Peek

“Make money to earn freedom so that you can enjoy your life.” -Austin Peek In today’s show, I chat with Austin Peek, a commercial real estate lender and host of the Millionaire Interviews. Austin is 32 and the owner of Riverstone RECAP, a commercial real estate lending company. Though still involved in that business, his…

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049 – Anti-Consumerism (and other dirty words!)

“The new slavery is consumerism.” -Bryant H. McGill In this episode of the show, Jason discusses his path toward anti-consumerism, and the hard choices that need to be made along the way to make this lifestyle stick. It’s not easy and he goes into detail about how you need to change some of your thinking…

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039 – You Don’t Need to Hit it Big to Live Tiny!

In this episode of the Small Moves Podcast, Jason talks about an area of personal financial management that his family has dug into a lot… living “tiny” without the need to first get rich. Finding ways to cut costs in your budget is one of the age old struggles of most people. We skip dinners,…

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