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Let’s Never Forget The Small Win or Wins!

My apologies for the aria… though I guess that is what a blog is, right?!

I initially posted a version of this post in a private Facebook group dedicated to new podcasters, but I thought about it and this information is applicable to any area of life. We get distracted by the negative chatter around us and forget that we are, in fact, getting a little bit better every single day. Just as long as we are doing something new today that we didn’t do yesterday. Or think something new today that we didn’t think yesterday. This pos is a personal account, but as you continue to read, take a minute to think about something you’ve done to get better that YOU may have just forgotten to take note of in your own head!

Lots of Chatter!

I have been dwelling on some comments I’ve read lately among fellow new podcaster groups on Facebook and Twitter, and just need to get this off my chest. There have been a bunch of comments about “when to pull the plug” and “should I be worried about download #’s” and (with only slight exaggeration…) “OH MY GOD, I’M GOING TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE IF ITUNES DOESN’T APPROVE MY SHOW TODAY!”

I’ve felt varying forms of these arguments myself, of course, being a brand new podcaster having released his first episode September 5th. With no established audience. But I want to share something that’s kept my head straight. We’re focusing on the scary parts of this new thing (the loses, real or imagined!) and not giving much thought to what Mark Twain said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” So, I want to tell you about all the wins I’ve seen and invite you to share some yourself. If not comfortable sharing, read these and remember you’ve gotten something out of this experience!

Wins So Far:

1.) I have created content, both in written and spoken form. For the first time in my life (outside of in school when being graded to do so), I’ve turned something that didn’t exist into something that does,now, exist…WIN!
2.) I’ve learned and am continuously learning the trade of audio editing. If podcasting doesn’t work out, this is a skill that is handsomely compensated for if you’re good at it, according to Upwork. So, if my podcast crashes, I’ve found another skill that I can charge money for… WIN!
3.) After “committing” to launch my podcast in January 2016, then letting “distractions” stop me, I’ve finally done it. That was the biggest deal I could imagine for a procrastinator like me… WIN!
4.) I’m generally nervous asking people for things (a FANTASTIC trait to have when selling anything is your livelihood). Since launching my podcast, I’ve quickly become shameless in asking people to come on my show. No limits! Asking any and everyone I feel is appropriate to ask. Getting affirmative responses 100% of the time…so far!…WIN!
5.) I am a person who tends to curse with, let’s just say, a higher level of frequency than the average person. Since recording the show, the amount of cursing that I use in my day-to-day conversations has CRATERED! My wife, Carrie, pointed this out to my in the second week of doing interviews… WIN!
6.) I’ve shed more than 80% of the verbal tics that I’ve had for decades in now just 45 days of recording. So, I no longer sound like a bumbling idiot when talking to people… WIN!
7.) I’ve expanded my personal network to some people that I am nowhere near on the social/professional scene because I’m part of these small groups of other professional and amateur podcasters…WIN!
8.) I’ve been thinking of other forms of content that I can provide an audience. A weekly Youtube video is tops at the moment, along with a more robust email newsletter, and (since I both read and listen to north of 100 books a year) starting a Small Moves Book Club. My office area is a damn mess (has been for some time!), so I’m now making myself clean, organize, and straighten up so my so-to-come videos don’t look like the basement office from the movie, Office Space!

I could go on, but I think you get the point. I’ve got 8 HUGE wins already, and I am only sitting on 363 lifetime downloads. OH BY THE WAY…

Let’s Not Forget What Still May Come To Be

1.) The podcast may have sponsors some time that will generate revenue.
2.) I’ve ALREADY been asked about consulting services for people trying to break down their large tasks into manageable chunks (disclaimer, YES, I wanted to eventually offer something like this but had no plans of doing so for at least 6-12 months). I was asked about it after 2 weeks of producing the podcast!
3.) I may create some sort of online course to this end to help people figure out this stuff, based on the advice I’m getting from the experts that I’ve interviewed.
4.) This little thing of mine may generate enough income so my wife and I can pack up our kids and move to Costa Rica, which is a dream of ours.
So, in short, I have more wins ALREADY from having launched my podcast that I’m able to come up with for the potential future that it may hold.

So, take a minute to recognize where you are and where you were. This could be a fitness goal, quitting smoking, figuring out your marriage problems, or just learning a new coding language and landing a job because of it. Take a minute to see the thing that you’ve become and celebrate it!

Then get back to work! We’ve all got stuff to make and share with others, regardless of where you are right now. You know SOMETHING that someone else doesn’t know. Get it out!

I appreciate you reading this. Let’s not forget to acknowledge the wins!

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